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Force users to make a copy of a document

I share a lot of documents with people. Either teachers I work with in my district or educators I talk to at conferences. I also share a lot of resources on my district training site. One thing I've started doing recently is forcing people to make a copy of a document, so they automatically get a copy of the resources or HyperDoc saved into their Google Drive folder. Here is how you do that"
1. Make the document available so anyone with the link can view. 2. Copy the share link

3. Open a new tab in Chrome and paste the copied link in the address bar 4. At the end of the URL, delete everything up to the backslash ( / ) 5. Type the word "copy" after the /  6. Copy the new link (or shorten it) and share the link on your site, blog, presentation, via email. 7. When someone clicks on the new link they will be forced click the "Make a copy" button to access the file and that copy will be saved to their Google Drive folder. 

8. Note: New copies of the original are being …

Alice Keeler's AnyoneCanView Chrome Extension

Changing the view / share settings of a Google document is rather easy, but takes a few clicks to get the settings changed. 

Now there is a Chrome extension that will change the view permissions of a Google Docs (or Slides, Sheet, and Drawing) with one click of the mouse. That extension is called "Alice Keeler AnyoneCanView

With the click of the mouse button you can change your Private doc into a doc that anyone with the link can view. This is very handy when you share a lot of files with people outside of you school district or post files on your website or blog. The video below shows how the extension works.

My good friend Gail Ramirez put together a HyperDoc with some more information about this extension.