I didn't know Google Forms could do that!

There are several advanced features of Google Forms that you may not know are available to you. All of these settings are built into Google Forms and are not part of any Addons.

Upload a file within the form

There is a new question option for Google Forms. You can know set up a question where the user can upload a file.

The owner of the form can allow 1, 5, or 10 files uploaded at once. They can also set the max file size with 10MB as the default size. The files are uploaded to a folder in the owner's Google Drive folder and on the Form response spreadsheet there will be a link to the file.

Password protect a form

Forms can be password protected for security reasons as well as for creating digital breakout games. Passwords can be words, numbers, or a combo of both.

Reasons to password protect a form:

  • Quizzes so random student doesn’t take it.
  • Digital breakout games
  • Forms for specific staff members
  • Share info with specific people (parents)
  • Check answers on a practice quiz

Add pictures to questions & choices

Pictures can be added directly to questions and answers. This is a large improvement over adding a section with a picture as was the case in the past.

Move to a specific page based on an answer

One of the most advanced settings you can add to a form is to force users to specific pages based on how they answer questions. This is done on multiple choice questions only! You need to setup your multi-section (page) form before doing the linking from questions to pages.

How to use this setting:

  • Choose your own adventure activities
  • Math practice with video help
  • Skip questions that don’t need to be answered by specific users.

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