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Google Forms - File Upload Question Type

One of the latest updates for Google Forms is a new question type. You can now set up a question and allow people to upload files through the form. What is nice about this question type, is that Google tries to organize these uploaded files for you. You will want to create a folder for your form and then create your form inside that folder. Once you select the File Upload question a folder is made that will hold those files. If you have multiple File Upload questions there will be a folder created for each question inside that Response folder for the files. The other nice thing that happens is the student's name is added to the uploaded file. Very similar to what happens in Google Classroom when an assignment is created and the "make a copy of each student" option.

The video below shows you how the new File Upload question type works.

Finding Resources in

We are a Promethean district. Our teachers LOVE their Promethean boards and ActivInspire. One thing that a few teachers noticed lately is how much has changeds. It looks like Promethean is transitioning PrometheanPlanet into Some of our teachers have had a difficult time navigating and trying to find resources to download. They are familar with the old PrometheanPlanet site. The video below shows how to navigate around the ClassFlow Marketplace to find resources and where those resources live one you save them to your "My Resources" folder.

Google Drawing - Create interactive activities embedded into Google Docs or HyperDocs

Did you know you can add Google Drawing images directly into a Google Doc with you opening the Google Drawing page? In Google Docs, if you click on Insert and then click on Drawing a Google Drawing window will pop up. You can build your image right in that window and embed the image in your document. The other cool thing you can do is create interactive activities with this trick. For example, you can insert different shapes and then have your students use the line tool from the Drawing window tool bar to show you lines of symmetry. The video below will show you how to set up an activity like this.

If you are a HyperDocs fan, this is a great tool to add some more interactivity to your Hyperdocs as well.

Google Drawing - Create a interactive image for your Google website

One of the really cool things about Google Drawing is you can add hotspot links to an image. In the video below you will see how I created an interactive image for an iPad training session we had this past summer. Each of the images and links work on the Google Sites page. Also, if you change any of the links after inserting the Drawing into your site, the Drawing is automatically update when the webpage is refreshed.

Click the image below to go to the iPads in the Classroom page so see how the interactive Drawing image works.

Create Interactive Labeling Activities in Google Drawings

Google Drawing is a very underutilized tool by teachers. Drawing is one of the most versatile tool in the G-Suite. This is the first post in a series explaining how Google Drawing can be used in the classroom and add interactivity to your lessons.

One of the easiest student activities teachers can create in Drawing is a labeling activity. Labeling activities in a classroom is a very popular student activity. Here is how you can create this activity in Google Drawing and be done by students on their Chromebook or Laptop. 
NOTE: There is no Google Drawing app for iOS and these activities will not work on iPads.