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New Google Drive Sharing Window

I noticed something different when I shared a folder this afternoon. No longer is the words "can edit" listed as an option from the drop-down menu. Now you see the words "Can organize, add, & edit". This is nice because this tells you what the people can do to this folder once you share it with them. I've had teachers confused about what exactly other people can do if they give them edit rights to a folder. This helps in explaining, very briefly, what can be done.

The new Google Forms Quiz

Google announced at the ISTE 2016 conference an update to Google Forms. You can now create self grading quizzes for forms. I'm listing some links with more information, and I also created a course highlighting the new Forms Quiz.

Google Support article with information on how to make a quiz.

Blog post showing the differences between Google Form Quiz and Flubaroo

Google Docs - Publish a doc as a webpage

A really cool feature of Google Docs is the ability to publish a Google Doc as a webpage. Also, when changes are made to the doc, those changes are reflected on the webpage. This is an easy way for teachers to have students create simple webpages with links and images, so they can share / present information.

The video below show you how to publish a Google Doc as a webpage: >center>

Using AutoCrat to create certificates

Autocrat is a addon for Google Sheets. This addons allows you to take data from a Google Sheet and populate a Google Doc template. The template could be a form letter or a certificate. The video below shows you how to run Autocrat manually and how the Autocrat job will run automatically if you are using a Google Form to collect the data.

I used this video to help me create my certificate, specifically add the boarder around the edge of the document.

Google Drive - Add a doc to two folders

In Google Drive you can add a single document / file to two different folders. To do this you select the document / file and hold down SHIFT+Z on your keyboard. This will change the Move To option to Add to. The button will also turn green instead of blue. Any changes made to the document / file will be reflected in both folders, because it is the same file.

The video below shows you how to do this:

Copy Folder : A Google Sheets Addon

One of the things that has frustrated me since I've been using Google full time is the inability to copy folders and their content. Recently I came up this post from @MsDrasby.

The addon is called "Copy Folder" and it is an addon for Google Sheets. After installing the addon and run it, you select your folder, then you can add a prefix and/or suffix to your folder and files/sub-folders. Then click copy. 

This is a great easy way to copy contents of a folder that was shared with you, after you move the folder to your drive. It is also an easy way to copy folders to use from one school year to the next without having to copy individual files.

This video shows you how the Copy Folder addon works:

It's a Breeze to Copy Google Drive Folders — Ms. Drasby (@MsDrasby) June 18, 2016