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Chromebook - Rotate pictures in the File app

I recently had an art teacher ask me if there was a way to rotate pictures saved to a Chromebook hard drive. She does was not wanting students using a 3rd-party app like This shows you how to access the image rotate tools from an image saved to a Chromebook hard drive.

Google Docs: Inserting Clip art into a Doc

One of the huge features that Google Docs doesn't have vs. Word is a built in Clip art Gallery. In recent updates to Word, Microsoft has moved their clip art gallery to the cloud. Google Docs allows you to filter an image search specifically for clip art images. Docs pulls the clip art images from the Google Image database. Also, through the search feature in the Insert Image tool, the results are automatically filtered to show clip art images that can be modified without permission, making these images copyright friendly to use in online documents.

Download the step-sheet

Google Cardboard in the Classroom

About a month ago I purchased 2 sets of Google Cardboard view finders from Google. I've had a lot of fun playing with different Virtual Reality (VR) apps to see which ones would be best for the classroom. Google Street View is hands down the best app I've found so far. I have an iPhone so have not been able to test any Android apps. Below is a handout I created explaining what Cardboard is and how it works. 

Inserting Word Art into a Google Doc

I get asked a lot about doing more advanced desktop publishing things in Google Docs. One of questions I get most often is how do people insert Word Art into a Google Doc. Below is a video and step-sheet that show you how to to just that!

Download the Step-Sheet