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Voice Typing in Google Docs

Google added a very helpful update to Docs this last week. When you open a Google Doc and click on Tools in the Menu Bar you will now see and extra option that wasn't there before. 

Voice Typing is a new tool added to Google Docs. You can see in the video below how it works. This tool will help those students that struggle with typing or even students where english is not their first language.

Share to Classroom (Chrome Extension)

A few weeks ago I posted about the first Google Classroom extension called Add to Google Classroom. This was a great addition to a teacher's toolbox and took advantage to Google's Classroom API. The Add to Google Classroom extension allows a teacher to attach a website (or anything with an URL) to a Google Classroom stream in the form of an announcement or assignment without leaving the website and going to the classroom stream.

This week a new Classroom extension called Share to Classroom became available. This extension does the same thing the Add to Google Classroom extension does, but with one really cool addition. With the Share to Classroom extension a teacher can push a website (or any other URL) to an entire group of students and that site will load in Chrome on the students Chromebook or computer. NOTE: at this point I have not tried it with pushing sites to iPads.

The video below I found on YouTube shows you how the new extension works. Teachers need to make sure that …