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Google Classroom Update

Google came out with some pretty big updates this week. The video below takes you through what's new. In the coming weeks teachers will see Calendar integration in Classroom and the ability to directly add a Google Form to an assignment or announcement instead of linking to it. As always you can send the Google Classroom team feedback on what you would like to see. They listen to all teachers and make improvements based on what you want.

Google Drive Sharing Permissions

The great thing about Google is the ease of sharing documents and files. You can share not only Google documents (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing), but you can also share other files you upload to your Google Drive folder. The infographic below shows you the differences in the sharing permissions within Google Drive. This is my first attempt at an infographic using

Add to Google Classroom (Chrome Extension)

At the ISTE Conference this past June, Google made a HUGE announcement that deals with Google Classroom. Google now allows website and web content developers to add an "Add to Google Classroom" link/button to any webpage. This link allows teachers to imediately add that page to any of their Google Classroom pages as a link.This saves teachers from having to copy and paste the website URL into their Google Classroom pages.

On of the very first tools that was developed was a Chrome Extension named "Add to Google Classroom" developed by Andrew Caffrey. When you add this extension to your Chrome Browser or Chromebook any website you are on can be shared with your students via Google Classroom. This video is very short but shows how quickly a webpage can be shared to a Google Classroom page.

Student can also utilize this button to share resources with their classmates.
I am excited to see how Google Classroom improves throughout the school year. Classroom is a year old thi…

The "New" Flubaroo

Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Sheets that will grade responses from a Google Form test. It has been one of the most popular Google add-ons with teachers in the last year. In the last week, Flubaroo received a much needed update. You can now change point value of a student's response directly on the spreadsheet and the change will be calculated. This is referred to "Grade By Hand".

Here is information about this new feature from the Flubaroo Blog.